Saturday, November 22, 2008

Red Square..

Went to Red Square with Chee Wei, Li Li and Yeong Chiang. B4 going there, we went to eat breakfast at china town. Hehe.. Red Square is soo beautiful. Alot of ppl were there d when we arrive. There's a few small stalls selling sourvenirs. It's also colder here bcos it's an open space. So the wind kept blowing and we're shivering... hehe.. Took alot of pics that day...

It's a very memorable day that day.. Will definitely visit there again during Christmas time.. :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Play time

Today i woke up and look out of the window.. YEAH!!!!!! Everywhere is white!!! going to school is fun. First time walking to school when it's snowing... Everthing went as usual. After PT, me and my frens camwhore for a while.. hehe.. as usual right... :P

At night.. we celebrated abhi's birthday outside in the snow. It's a suprise party for him.. and in an unusual way.. eating ice-cream cake in the middle of snow.. wakaka... then after that, it's play time!!!!! snow-ball fighting, sliding down the slope, wrestling each other to the ground, etc.. after bout 2 hours, we're all wet, red, exhausted and all freezed up. it seriously was a very memorable day that we all wont forget for the rest of our lifes. Happy Birthday Abhishek!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sn0w TiM3...

Just now i saw snow for the first time!!!! hehe... i'm so excited.. on the way to take the bus in the morning, i saw little traces of ice on the ground. wow.. cool... i wonder when will everywhere turns white?

hehe.. in the evening, i went out to buy some stuff from ashan. That's when it started to snow... while waiting for the bus, it's snowing heavier and heavier. Wind is blowing strongly.. the road started to turn white...
on the way to ashan, the snow is getting thicker on the ground. me and my frens started to play the snow.. even though it's not even one inch thick. but it just seems fun, throwing snow at each other.. dunno why... maybe it's our first time to see snow. so we're like 'jakun' loh... wakaka :D after buying our stuff from ashan, the snow is already bout one to two inch thick on the ground. but it's not fully covering the ground yet. but the snow looks very nice especially under the street lights. hopefully when tomoro comes, i can get to see everywhere is pure white :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

After 2 months... (part 2)

Continuation of part 1....

Ming Yee's 20th birthday:

Elaine's birthday:

Orientation finale:

Yee Chiun's birthday:

Anatomy Class:

Randomly taken pictures:
That's all for the time being.. I promise to keep updating constantly in the future... :)

After 2 months... (part 1)

It's been so long since i last wrote.. Been busy with my exams and catching up with life.. Since there's no way i can recall and write out every single thing that had happen for the past month, i'll just upload pictures of wat is happening around me... So u all will have an idea of how's my life here...

Betty's 21st birthday:
Raya Open House:
Sushi Indulgenge:
Deepavali dinner:
Leatrice's 18th birthday & Deepavali open house:
Yeong Chiang's 20th birthday:
MF Sport's Day:
Carrine's 21st birthday: