Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What the.... !!!! Cleaned up the bathroom yesterday and today it flooded again!!!! How do they use the bathroom? I just dont get it. After taking shower, i straight went to 'scold' them (not really scold. just say it angrily). Early early in the morning already want to make me angry. If they going to do that again, i'm not going to take care of the cleaniness anymore...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Korean food

No idea why that day was sooo cold.. Ate real Korean food for the first time (I've only ate Korean instant noodles b4). Went there with my group members. I shared with Mun Yee and Li Li. Ordered a few dishes. Quite tasty but i'm still not a fan of it. Came out from the restaurant and it was still super cold. Waiting for the bus is another story. I think we waited for bout 1/2 hour to 40 mins b4 the bus came. Everyone was soo glad when we saw the bus. Reach home quite late but luckily, the next day we had no class since it's saturday. Happy.... :)

Woman's Day

Woman's Day. It's a public holiday in Russia. hehe.. so got an off day on monday. Celebrated with MF GIFT members on sunday. Had a gathering and ate dinner together. All prepared by the GIFT's guy members. The food were quite nice :) Played a few games, sang some songs and there's present giving. Got flowers from them. Very beautiful flowers and we need to take care of it. LOL.. i wonder when will mine die? I suck at gardening... hehe =P but i'll try my best to take care of it. THANKS guys!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

One Life

1st of March. One Life's concert. Quite good actually. There's alot of performances and a talk from Pastor Kevin Loo. His speech really made me think of my life. I remembered this sentence the most and i quote "There's 2 most important days in our life, 1) The day that u were born & 2) The day that u know why u were born to this earth". I think i've already found my 2 most important day in my life. Have u found it?? Reach back hostel at around 11 pm. Really tired so just clean myself and went to sleep...