Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm feeling blue..

I'm not sure what happened to me but i'd been feeling super moody for the past 2 weeks. Whether it is because of studies or because of MASSAD or because of something else which i dunno.. Have no mood to do anything and emotional swings are pretty frequent. What happen to me?? I just cant figure it out. Calling back home wont help either. Will only worry my parents. Who should i talk to? Who can i trust to with my dilemma? Who can give me the advide i need and want to hear? Who is the one????????

After so long..

It's been so long since i blog. Due to the new rector cancelling our hostel internet contract with Strella which left us with no internet services for about 2 months. Now with the internet connection back again (though it's super sucky), hopefully everything will goes back to normal...
Nothing had changed much in the pass 2 months other than my room arrangement and ppl (Yee Chiun is the newest member in our block =p). Hopefully i can get the cupboard done soon though i dunno when will the carpenter comes. Too many things happen in the pass 2 months, and due to my short term memory, i cant really recall them. So i wont write it down. Just check out my facebook for pictures of all the recent events that happen to me =)