Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year!!!

2009 is coming.. Hopefully everything will go on smoothly in this coming new year.. there's too many things i wish to do and hope for.. hehe.. i know i'm greedy but that's human nature to be greedy.. no point arguing bout it. I dont consider this my new year resolutions cos i've no idea y resolutions never work for me.. :P

These are the few things i wish to do/hope for :

1. Slim down a few kgs.. (It's always on the top of the list :P)

2. Travel to at least a new country

3. Get to know Russian frens

4. Get better results in exams? that means my no.5 will be study harder

6. Fall in love!! (How can i lose to my sis? LOL)

7. See a shooting star

8. Walk on a beach in the middle of the night

9. Speak Russian Language fluently

10. Go ice skating on a lake

11. Watch music orchestra performance in Russia

12. Watch ballet performance

13. ...

cant think of anything else at the mo..
will continue the list as the year goes by..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dearest sis....

Yin.. u're finally growing up!!! My little sis is finally growing up.. Going way faster than me d.. Haha.. :D I know u will read this post.. but just want to say that follow ur heart and do wat u think is best for urself.. He's a good guy.. I'm sure that he will give u happiness in the future.. No matter wat, i'll support ur decision.. Dont be afraid of wat mummy and daddy will say.. I believe they will definitely support u. :)
p/s : tell me if he bully u. I'll help u 'chut tao'. Lolz..

Christmas party..

Celebrated Christmas on yesterday and the day b4. The first was for MF bible study group. About 40 ppl turned up at our party.. we sang, pray, eat, talk, exchange present, watch some video and play.. It was a tired day but fun...

The next day, my own Group 12 had our Christmas party.. The food theme was vegetarian.. hehe. so we cook everything without putting onion, garlic and egg.. fueww.. luckily all the food tasted quite delicious. hehe..We ate, took pics, exchange gifts and talk till midnight.. though we have class the next day...

First time celebrating Christmas away from home.. somehow it's different but the atmosphere is still the same.. Joyous and merrily... :)

my presents

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Unhappy and overly stressed up...

Dunno why feeling gloomy today... Maybe it's because of all the exams that i need to clear off b4 holidays.. or else... i cant get zachut and cant enter the next sem. sigh... next week got physic, russian, chem and ANAT!!! but i dont think i'll sit for the anat exam. there's no way i can finish reading it by monday.. so maybe i'll take later the exam... sigh... hopefully next week will go smoothly..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Solstice

Been going the whole day and after coming back, need to go bible study.. soooo damn tired.. but at night, i still got the mood to make tong yuen. It's 'tong chi' day tomoro.. It should be a day where families gather and eat tong yuen together. But as i'm in russia, i celebrated it with my frens. They're like my family here. So we began to make at around 11 something.. The process of making tong yuen was fun. All of us talked, joked and bonded together... Finish making at around 2 something in the midnight.. hehe.. but we still managed to eat them despise the lateness..

The next day, went over to Mun Yee's room to eat. Celebrating 'tong chi' too.. The food was cooked by Hong Ching, our master chef. The food was sooo damn delicious. They tasted like my mum's cooking.. ooo.. missing my mum's cooking now.. We ate and talk till very late..
Feeling like as if i'm in M'sia now. Not lonely at all... so happy... :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chris's birthday

Another celebration again.. This time it's Chris's 20th birthday.. His birthday is a blast. Organize by his bible study group and frens. They kidnapped him from his room (really kidnapped with his hands tied up and eyes covered with clothe) and brought him over to Betty's room. There they tied him to a chair. And his fren's began to draw on him.. all over his body.. wakaka.. then they uncovered his eyes, and began with the make up. Mean while, a few other ppl tied his hair. Haha.. He looked ridiculous after that..

After everything.. we took pics and ate cakes, etc... It was fun on that day..

Friday, December 5, 2008

CK's birthday

Celebrated CK's birthday.. hehe.. another common celebration in our uni.. nothing special except that we went out to play snow after eating.. We ate steamboat by the way (for the second day celebration)!!! Got ourselves all wet b4 going back. And the guard almost dont let us go out of the hostel cos it was already pass the curfew time. But luckily we told him that it's CK's birthday and plead him to let us go out to have fun. hehe..