Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back from HELL!!

Admitted to hospital on tuesday.. for a minor operation. Hemorrhoid. Actually kinda shocked when the doctor at PFU told me that i need to do an operation. I'm actually teman-ing my fren to check on her backbone. Mana tahu, i'm the one that got admitted into the hospital instead of her. And i got to go on an AMBULANCE!! wakaka... what an experience. when i reach at the hospital, it's about 5 pm. Talked to the surgeon and he said that the operation will be at 8 pm and he also said that i need to stay at the hospital for bout 3 to 4 days. I'm like 'WHAT?!?!'. So i spent my first few hours at a RUSSIAN HOSPITAL alone while waiting for my frens to go back to pack some essential stuff for my stay at the hospital. Laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling, looking around my room (which i shared with another 3 patients), etc.. soo boring.. it's only the first few hours. oh no.... around 8 pm, i'm so curious and anticipating for my operation. But no nurse ask me to change into my operation clothes. So i kept on waiting... Around 8.30 pm, my frens arrive with my things. Talked for a while then it's time for them to go back cos it's way pass the visiting time (which is actually 5-7 pm). Went back to my room, and when i'm just about to lay down, a doctor came in telling me that it's operation time. So i changed, and lay on the 'trolley bed', and a assistant nurse pushed me into the operation room. Oo.. It's just like an operation room that i always saw on tv. hehe.. With all those huge lights.. Then the nurses and surgeon and the anesthetician came in. They tried to talk to me in English and injecting needles and anesthesia. Looked at the time, it's 9.10 pm. After that i've no idea wat happen. The next thing i know, i'm lying on my bed. Looked at my phone, checked the time, it's 9.40 pm. Wow.. that's fast. I msged Leatrice to tell her that the operation was done. And then i fell back asleep....
Next morning, been waken up by the nurse at 5 something.. What the.... so early... they injected antibiotic. Then bout 15 mins later, a doctor came in to check on the wound. A nurse came in bout 2 mins after him to take my blood. Then bout 20 mins later, 2 doctors came in again. To check the wound again. Come on... I'm trying to sleep here ppl!! Slept back after the doctors went away. At 8 am, a nurse came pushing a trolley with food. Bread and butter. ok.. Dont taste nice at all.. But dont care.. I'm super super hungry. Didnt eat for more than 12 hours. Then bout 1 hour later, they bring in another meal. It's the real breakfast. hehe.. but then, it's the worst breakfast that i had ever taste in my whole life. After finishing the breakfast, i need to go change my bandage. All patients change their bandage together in a room. O.o wat an experience. but the changing bandage part was not nice at all. :'( Went back to my room, did nothing then it's lunch time. hehe.. eat again. Watch a few episodes of anime, then slept, then woke up for tea time. Then continue my anime, then dinner!! wakaka. Jivan, Avelyn and Rowena came visiting me on my 2nd day of stay.Brought food for me. Hooray!! Later that night, Leatrice, Mun yee and the rest came to visit me. Brought some stuff for me. Went back to my room and continue watching my anime. Then i slept at around 10 pm. That's practically wat i did for the next few days of my stay. In between, there's lots and lots of injections (bout 15 injections & my butt were sooooo damn sore from all the injections), took blood sample for a few times and took an x-ray.
I were so happy when the doctor told me that i can go home on Friday. Quickly told Leatrice to pick me up.
Last day, waited for my frens to come pick me up. I sat next to the window for more than 3 hours waiting for them. Looking outside made think of alot of things. They came to pick me up at around 7 pm. U can imagine how long i've waited. But i'm still very grateful that they came.
Home Sweet Home.. I've never felt my hostel room to be more home-y b4 in the past year. So u can imagine how terrible it is to stay in the hospital especially Russia's hospital.
What an experience!! My first time admitted to hospital and it's in Russia. But, i've learnt and gain alot from this 'wonderful' experience...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Mouth..

How to reverse something that had been said?? Anyone can tell me? Sigh... I didnt realise that i slipped out too much when i were talking.. By the time i realised, it's too late... Help!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Love. Just a 4 letter word but it’s quite hard to define. How do we know what’s the feeling of being loved? Different people will gives us different love. Family, lovers, frens, etc.. Some will mix up these loves. How do we differentiate them? For example there’s this fren of mine, she has a so-called bf. She’s treating him, loving him like they are couples bcos she thought that he’s taking her as his gf. But on the other hand, the guy actually only treats her as a fren, as a sister. So is he sending the wrong signal? or is the girl’s problem that she doesnt know how to differentiate them? Sigh… Why cant love just be more simple? But if it is simple, then there’s no challenge, no more fun anymore in finding out the meaning of true love in everyone…