Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm officially 21!!

OH MY GOD!!! I'm 21!! Feeling so old but young at the same time. New chapter of my life had just begun.... it feels just like a blink of the eyes and i had gone through so many in these 21 years.. mostly happy and wonderful but there're times that're sad too. overall, i lead a very happy, carefree life (all thanks to my parents that took wonderful care for me). but i cant wait for the next 21 years to come again. wat will i turn out to be (of course i'll be a doctor, but how successful am i)? how will i look like? will i be married? how many kids will i have? haha maybe it's too early for all these thoughts but no harm thinking bout them :D most important now is to finish all my exams and go back m'sia in the next 3 weeks:) the rest, i'll take it as the day comes.....

p/s: these are the presents that i got from my frens in moscow