Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm turning 21 soon!!!!!

21!!!! I'm joining the real adult club soon. OMG!! My frens put up a surprise party for me yesterday. (but seriously speaking, i'm not really surprise cos i kinda guess they're gonna celebrate for me :D) but any how, i'm still touched and happy :D Got a huge teddy bear from my frens (Actually i kinda requested for it but i didnt know they took it seriously) . I heard that they bought it like during winter break. That's like half a year ago. WOW!! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo touch. THANK YOU so much. U guys are awesome. LOVE you guys to the max. There're other presents too from ming yee, mun yee and anna. thanks ppl... We ate, talked, cut cake, took some idiot pics with my teddy. Had alot of fun yesterday. Will always remember that day forever :) XOXO

My bear bear

One Big Happy Family

Veshny, me & Sangeetha

Leatrice, Yee Chiun & me

Adeline, me & Yi Heng

Chee Wei, Nalihni, me & Abhi

Ming Yee, Man Kit, Z Han, Mun Yee, YC & Hong Ching

Jo, Betty & Lily

Ming Yee, me & Mee Yean

Me & my darling bear bear

1st pose

2nd pose